Role: Audio Lead
Editor’s Choice on iOS and Android. Top 10 Grossing Worldwide.

Due to the limitations of the mobile platform, I was tasked with keeping the audio footprint on device to 12 MB at launch. With 100+ characters in the game, dozens of environments, and a full suite of John Williams' music, this proved to be quite a challenge. Compression settings often had to be tested on an case-by-case basis. Sound assets were built in a modular fashion to allow for re-use.
Cantina music composed for the Ship Room in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. If you look closely, you can see that the band animations sync perfectly with the music. We built a system that feeds tempo data from Wwise as well as information on what each of the band members are playing at any given time.

Other Projects

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Supreme Heroes
Age of Immortals
Six Gun Galaxy